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25 Aug

PIPES: A first collaboration experience between Hangar and UOC

Recently, Mosaic has published an article about PIPES as a first collaboration experience between Hangar and UOC.

The article, entitled “Research, creation and interdisciplinarity for an Interface Manifesto” (in spanish), deepens in the content and activites of PIPES, and explanes which are the aims and expectations of both UOC and Hangar in this new mutual project.

25 Aug

Hugo Roy interview @ Mosaic magazine

As part of the collaboration between Hangar and UOC, Mosaic magazine, an online publication created on the framework of Multimedia Degree and Multimedia Apps Masters of UOC, has published an interview to Hugo Roy.

Mosaic focuses on the link between interaction, design, web, apps and videogames developing, and therefore is interested in the issues worked in PIPES.

Hugo Roy’s interview (in spanish) is related to its participation to the Interface Dictatorship Roundtable, and reflects on the terms and conditions of the services we use in internet.


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