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21 Jun

Interface Dictatorship materials

As part of participation in the roundtable, speakers provided a range of materials to deepen the theme of the interface as a space of power. Then you can consult the presentations shown during the discussion and the texts written by the speakers for this occasion.

Mayo Fuster

Interface Dictatorship (Governance) – Presentation

Digital Interaction: Online Creation Communities – Text Read More

23 May

Art Matters: New Materialism @Hangar

“The strength of new materialism is precisely this nomadic traversing of the territories of science and the humanities, performing the agential or non- innocent nature of all matterthat seems to have escaped both modernist (positivist) and postmodernist humanist epistemologies”.

The occidental thought tradition is mainly based in dualities. Many philosophers have criticized this binary logic, settled with the beginning of the modern project. However, this more systemically or net-oriented way to perceive the world has been peripheral until this last years.

Taking advantage of the convergence of interests with PIPES researchers, this Tuesday 20th of May, Hangar hosted for the first time the seminar Art Matters, lead by the philosopher Pau Alsina. The seminar has been held for two yearsand a half, and it turns arround about breaking down the barriers between learning, reflection and making: it depicts and reflects the need to create convergence zones between the own investigation and the artistic practice. Read More


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