11 Jan

PIPES @ Art Matters Conference

At the end on 2014 PIPES team took part of the Art Matters International Conference, performed in Barcelona during 11th and 12ht of December. We were part of a session entitled “Intangiibles: algorithms and interfaces”, and we shared panel with collegues Olivers Spall (Goldsmiths College) who talked about “Algorithm as artwork, artwork through algorithm“; Samantha Penn (University of London, Goldsmiths), Juan Pablo de la Vega (University of London, Goldsmiths) who are researching about “The exhibition as an interface: how might software studies affect the way we think about encounters with art?“; and Moisés Mañas Carbonell (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia), Marina Pastor Aguilar (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia), who focused on a analysis of Zombie Media idea, under the title  “Zombie media. Disección, regeneración y reparación, agentes para la fabricación de sistemas lúdico- tecnocráticos”.

Laia Blasco, Andreu Belsunces and Clara Piazuelo from PIPES discussed about the work in progress of the project, describing the different partners involved, it’s objectives, research methodology, activites, networks, and tools. We also have depicted our theoretical framework from three combined perspectives: disciplines + authors + ideas. Finally, we presented the process of creation of the critical interface manifesto, highlighting some related manifesos, explaining the reasons of why we have decided to work in a manifesto as a format, spotted some of the points we’re begging to explore as a first draft of the manifesto, and talked about the final results expected.

Here you can display the slides of our presentation.






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